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General Informations on Cryptograph'IC Secure File Exchange

Cryptograph' IC Secure File Exchange is a multi platforms tool allowing the simple and fast security of all your files. It allows the fast exchange of protected documents with your partners and customers, and also allows you to make safe all your sensitive documents locally.

Cryptograph' IC Secure File Exchange is presented in the form of an application taking charges the "Drag and Drop" of files having to be encrypted or decrypted.
In order to reduce at the maximum the size of files that you will exchange, the files are automatically compressed before encryption. In the same way, at the time of the decryption, uncompress operation is automatic.
The interface of the application is available in French and English.

The encryption is done with the AES (Rijndael) algorithm, operating mode CBC and key size of 256 bits. The implementation of AES that is used is part of product ECCTK developped par the company and authorized by French DCSSI.
The key is derived from user password that he share with other party. It is recommanded to choose correctly this password. We recommend to you to use a password with, at minimum, 8 characters composed with Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Specials characters.

For order or informations request on the product Cryptograph'IC Secure File Exchange, please send us an email, and put informations on the form included :

User Guide

We will describe the usage of the functionalities of the product Cryptograph'IC Secure File Exchange. The screenshots that are used for example came from MAC OS X version and the design may be not exactly the same on all Operating System.

We are going to detailled the functionalities :

  • Installation of the product
  • First starting
  • Installation of license
  • Encryption of files
Remark : the decryption operation is the same that for encryption (that used the files previously encrypted) and is not details.
  The installation s the same for all Operating System. It is opering by an installor that permit to choose the directory of insallation of the products and the choice of the language (French or English).   Remark : It is possible to modify the language by choose it in the Options of the application.
  During the first starting, the application create automatically the directory Sfe-box on the desktop of the user. This directory will be used to save the encrypted and decrypted files.   It is possible to choose an other directory that exist, in the preferences of the application.   The application verify that you have a valid license for the Operating System and if not ask you to install one. The installation is simply done by choose the license file that you received from us by mail after you ordering the applications.
  When the license is correctly installed, you have access at the main window of the application. This window contains the information of the product and of your license in the top.   The center of the application is the zone that should be used to Drag and Drop your files.   The bottom of the application, contains the action buttons (Reset, Encrypt, Decrypt).   Remark : The action buttons are not always available at the same time. For example, the button Encrypt is automatically desactivated if you Drag and Drop encrypted files.
  The encryption is done by "Drag and Drop" the files that you would protect in the center of the application. This files are added (name and icons).   It is possible to add the files one by one, in many times, or many at the same time.   Remark : It is also possible to choose the files from the menu File. In this case, you have a files explorator.
  When you have put all the files that should be secured, you can validate the operation with the buttonEncrypt.   You must give your password used to protect the files, and confirm it.   Remarks :
  • The password must be shared with other party, so it is recommanded to use a specific password for this operation.
  • We recommand that you use a password with, at minimum, 8 characters with LowerCase, UpperCase, Numbers, Specials characters.
  In all case, error or not during the encryption, you will have informations on the operation in the thumbnail Results.   The informations are :
  • Name of file that was encrypted
  • Error code
  • Path of encrypted file
  • Message with informations (mainly in case of error)

Technicals Informations

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows VISTA
  • Apple MAC OS X 10.4.4 or higher (processor PowerPC)
  • Apple MAC OS X 10.4.4 or higher (processor Intel)
Algorithms used
  • Encryption: AES mode CBC, key size 256 bits
  • Integrity : HMAC-SHA-256, key size 256 bits
  • Compression : GZIP
  • Password generation : SHA-512
Hardware supported
  • Intel Processor (Windows, MAC OS X), or PowerPC (MAC OS X) with minimum frequency at 800 Mhz
  • 256 Mo Memory available
  • 20 Mo free hard disk space

Public pricing list 01/01/2015

The pricing list doesn't include the VAT

    Cryptograph'IC Secure File Exchange version Windows 2000, XP or VISTA :
    1 computer : 15 euros
    5 computers: 59 euros
    10 computers: 99 euros
    25 computers: 219 euros
    50 computers: 399 euros
    51 computers and more:Contact us
    Cryptograph'IC Secure File Exchange version MAC OS X Universal Binary (10.4 and after) :
    1 computer : 15 euros
    5 computers: 59 euros
    10 computers: 99 euros
    25 computers: 219 euros
    50 computers: 399 euros
    51 computers and more:Contact us
    Bundle Cryptograph'IC Secure File Exchange version Windows and MAC OS X Universal Binary :
    1 computer Windows & 1 computer MAC OS X: 27 euros
    5 computers Windows & 5 computers MAC OS X: 99 euros
    10 computers Windows & 10 computers MAC OS X: 189 euros
    25 computers Windows & 25 computers MAC OS X: 399 euros
    more than 25 computers Windows and 25 computers MAC OS X:Contact us
This is not a legally binding document. Pricing list could be updated without notice.