Cryptographie Ingénierie et Conseil

The company

Cryptographie Ingénierie et Conseil ( Cryptograph'IC ) is a company for cryptographic services and consulting based on area of Lille (France). We mainly work on the North of France, Paris and Belgium, but for short on-site contract we can work all over the world. The company is specialized on cryptography and PKI. The company offers there services with the fixed price or in control. For example, this is some domains on which we can offer services:

  • Implementation of cryptographic algorithms
  • Design, implementation of secured communication protocols
  • Customize open source cryptogragphic libraries
  • Implementation, Consulting on installation of PKI solution
  • Helps for Common Criteria evaluation
  • Expertise in the choice of technological solutions (authentication, signature, PKI, ...)

The owner

With more than 10 years of working on the fields of cryptography, PKI and Common Criteria evaluation, the owner have the opportunities to work with companies recognized as leaders on there fields of activities in France and international.
The owner is the designer and developer of the product ECCTK that the company offers to its customers.

For more informations on the owner of the company, you can consult him Résumé